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Day #2 - Barcelona: Futbol & The City

Hola family and friends!

Today was the second day of our Spanish journey. With finally being able to catch up on some rest from a seemingly extremely long day yesterday (jetlag), everybody was able to get a good start to the day this morning. Besides the obvious interests in soccer, a big part of this trip was to bring the team and alumni together and be able to experience the Spanish art and culture as a whole. With that being said, at around 8 a.m. the team went on a walk/jog through the brisk morning air that Barcelona provided. We arrived at the Sagrada Família Catholic Church that happens to be one the most well known Catholic cathedrals in the world. The view was amazing (pictures below). Little known fact, this church has been under construction ever since it was originally being built in the late 1800’s and provides a variety of generational architectural styles that makes it very unique.

After visiting the cathedral, the team grabbed a quick breakfast back at the hotel before heading to the Camp Nou. Around 10:15 the bus departed for the home of F.C. Barcelona as we watched the Catalonian side take on Rayo Vallecano. Game time was scheduled for 12 p.m. however the team arrived early to experience the fanatics and grab a few souvenirs. What a game it was – 7 total goals/ 3 penalty kick attempts/ 2 red cards, a flurry of yellows/ and a record breaking Lionel Messi hat-trick. It was an incredible match to attend.

Following the conclusion of the game, we all headed back to the hotel to grab a quick lunch and snooze before we left for the Barcelona city tour at 4:15. On the tour the team was introduced to everything Barcelona. From the view of the ocean to experiencing the various artistic talents of the Catalonians, it was safe to say we became very cultured. All in all, the soccer was a big part of the day today, but what made today excellent was the perspective and reflection of art, music, and literature that made the day what it was.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s entry – also enjoy a few snapshots from today!


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