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Day #7: Exploring Madrid

Hello family and friends,

I can’t believe we just completed our second to last day here in Spain. During this trip we have done so much and had numerous life changing experiences, but it stills feels like it has flown by. Nevertheless, this is a trip that I can say with certainty we will never forget. I can confidently say that, after the experiences today what happened this evening. Early in the day, we all traveled back to Estadio Santiago Bernabeu for our official stadium tour. I personally did not know of the rich culture and tradition of Real Madrid. This tour, in an excellent fashion, was able to show all of us the history and excellence that Real Madrid was founded upon. It was also fascinating to learn that Real Madrid was announced the Best Club of 20th Century. After the tour ended, we had the rest of the afternoon to explore the city on our own. Some of us toured the Atletico Madrid stadium that was only 5 minutes from our hotel. Others visited the several world-renowned museums throughout the city. Still others spent the afternoon walking around the city, visiting the plazas, and shopping.

During the evening we all met back at the hotel for dinner. This evening was particularly special because everyone had the opportunity to hear the seniors and coaches talk about what Furman soccer, and what it means to them and why they all do what they did. Coach Allison has always told us about the family that we become a part of when we join the Furman soccer team. If anyone in the room did not understand or believe that before this evening, they do know. It was fascinating to hear how every senior talked about how they grew stronger with each other and themselves through the program and how they want to give what they have to others. We all learned how important my friends and family are to me. Our brothers on the team, siblings, close friends, and especially our parents are not people we should take for granted they are people we should cherish for the rest of our lives. This incredible journey to Spain has truly brought that to light for many of us.

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