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Arrived In Spain!!

Hello all,

After a long day of traveling across the Atlantic, we finally made it to Barcelona, the first city of our much-awaited Spain trip. Earlier this morning, we arrive at the Barcelona- El Prat Airport at 11 am. Although we were exhausted, our adrenaline and thrills of being in Spain took over and we were ready to hit the ground running. After a quick check in at the hotel and lunch, we made our way to Camp Nou, the FC Barcelona soccer stadium for a self-guided tour. For those of us who had never been before, we were absolutely taken aback by the magnitude, history and culture of the stadium. We were also able to get our Barcelona gear for the game tomorrow. After this truly incredible site, we went to the steps of the Art History Museum, which had a great view of the entire city. To conclude the evening, the alumni, guests, and players all gathered together and discussed what it meant to be a part of the Furman soccer family. This served as a way for everyone to really begin to know each other for the week to come. Even though today was packed with much excited and fun, it is just the beginning of this great trip with much more to come.


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