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Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

Hello! My name is Ben Slagle - and I, alongside Jonny, am here to keep those up to date with all the Furman soccer fundraising and trip details. I have been given the unbelievable privelege to join the team on their trip to Barcelona in March, and I am beyond excited to document all the steps along the way to keep our Furman soccer community engaged with the team's journey. No I do not play with the boys on the team, however as an outsider (and long time fan) that has been involved with everything/anything from attending games and camps to befriending the amazing guys on the team, I am excited to provide a unique perspective on the details of this team's efforts towards the trip to Barcelona.

This past Sunday, the team hosted a pancake breakfast fundraiser all thanks to the generous Shortfields (a local restaurant located in Travelers Rest, SC) for allowing the team to host the fundraiser at their location. The fundraiser began around 8:30 am and lasted till 11 am. After dozens of ticket sales on campus and in the community we had a great showing of people arrive to support the team. Those on the team were given specific duties throughout the morning in order to accomadate all guests who arrived. Driving towards the fundraiser you would find Marco Ortiz displaying excellent dancing ability, sign in hand, in order to draw attention to the restaurant - and I'll be honest, I wish I had half of his dancing skill. As you walked up to the restaurant you were greeted by the kind faces of Hart Zwing and Kevin Edelmann which led to the host table where you could find Kevin Pahl and Dylan Rowe taking tickets and seating those who entered. Once you found your seat, you had wonderful service provided by Wellford Moore and Evan De Ycaza where they took your order and brought you your food out in a timely fashion. The heroes in the background such as Tony Santibanez and Bobby Edet maintained the integrity of the dining room as they cleaned every table leaving it in perfect condition for the next guest. With an assortment of FU students, fans, and family arriving at the fundraiser, it was safe to call the morning a succes. Thank you to all who supported the team on Sunday, and to those who could not make it - here are some photos of the boys at the fundraiser.


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