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Happy New Year

Hello all,

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. I am excited for all the opportunities and events to come during this coming year. One of these opportunities that I am particularly ready for is our Spain trip coming up in only 2 months. The team recently came back from winter break energized and excited just as I am. On tuesday afternoon, we met with two main topics of discussion. First we were able to reflect on a season well done with a Conference Championship and NCAA second round apperance. To the right is a picture of myself holding a plaque that each member of the team recieved as way for us to remember our acommplishments. Our primary focus now and second topic of discussion was our focus for the spring season and Spain trip. As the trip is appraching rapidly, we have prepared numerous fundraisers to raise money for our cause including another Chickfila night and 4 v 4 soccer tournament. Kevin Paul, our senior captian, will also be making a video to support these fundraisers and our trip in general. Be on the look out for that in the near future.

Thanks and until next time,

Below is our team captain, Adrian McInnis, at our last Chickfila night.

Soccer 1.jpg

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